2023 Scarecrow Decorating Contest

Main Street Hartsville is hosting a Downtown Scarecrow Contest this October!

Cute, creepy, and anything in between. Show off your creativity with a family-friendly Scarecrow in Downtown Hartsville. This is a great way for businesses, organizations, or even families to help you fall for Downtown Hartsville. Entry into the contest is free.

Need a Scarecrow Starter-Kit from Main Street Hartsville? Just indicate so on your application. Cost is $20/kit. A Scarecrow Starter-Kit includes a wooden T-frame for the body of the scarecrow, a pipe that fits into the sidewalk flag holes, and a d-clamp to secure the frame to the pole. If you don’t need a Scarecrow Starter-Kit, you are welcome to build your own frame!

Register to participate using the form below.

Prizes will be awarded in both a Judge’s Choice Category and a Social Media People’s Choice Category.

Scarecrows are due by Friday, October 13th, 2022 at 4:00 pm. Scarecrows must be registered on our website by October 13th to be entered into the judging. Scarecrows may begin to be placed on the sidewalks on October 2nd. Your scarecrow location will be sent via email when you register.

2023 Scarecrow Decorating Contest Rules and Regulations:

1.  One entry per family / team / association or business
2.  Scarecrows must be family appropriate. They can be creepy, but not gory or gruesome.
3.  Scarecrows must be handmade.  No purchased scarecrows may be entered into the competition.
4. As part of your display, be sure to make a sign with the name of your entry, and your name, group, business, or organization.
5. Scarecrows must be registered, assembled and on display by October 13th, 2023. NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED!
6.  Downtown business/property owners should place scarecrows in front of their business.
7. Not a downtown business owner? Join the Wandering Scarecrows this year.  “Wandering Scarecrows” will be placed along the sidewalks of downtown Hartsville.  Placement details will be sent to you upon registration. For additional information about building a “Wandering Scarecrow”, email info@mainstreethartsville.org.
8. Scarecrows that denote any political affiliations or connections are not allowed.
9. Voting and Judging will be completed by October 27, 2023
10. Winners will be announced on October 31, 2023

Scarecrows must be durable and able to stand up to sun, wind, and rain showers. Use care in choosing your materials. All decorations must be firmly attached to your scarecrow and then to the post.

Scarecrows must be secured in a manner that they will not blow away and will not otherwise be a danger to or possibly cause injury to anyone. Scarecrow builders are encouraged to periodically do a maintenance check on your scarecrow to ensure its integrity. All entries must be hand-made. No electronics may be used in this scarecrow contest. Main Street Hartsville and the City of Hartsville reserve the right to remove any entries that do not maintain their ability to be displayed.

The scarecrow contest exhibit is family friendly. The City of Hartsville reserves the right to disqualify entries they feel to be distasteful or not family friendly.  Owners are held solely responsible for the safety and security of their scarecrows.

Judging Criteria:

  1. Creativity

Judges will assess the individuality of the scarecrow. Is it unique? Is it a new idea? Have you used an original concept?
* No purchased scarecrows will be allowed to be entered into the competition.

  1. Technique and Materials

Judging will be based on the variety of materials used and how well they are put together. All the scarecrows must be built from scratch; reusing and recycling old materials is strongly encouraged. How well is the scarecrow constructed? How does it stand up the weather elements?

  1. Overall Impression

Judges are looking for that scarecrow with a little bit extra. It may be the materials used, the way the scarecrow has been made, how it is displayed or simply a fantastic idea. Catch the judge’s eye.

Prizes will be awarded for the highest judge’s score and for People’s Choice Award.

If you have any questions or concerns please call 843.917.0602 or email mainstreethartsville@gmail.com.

Applications will open September 13th and close October 13th.

Scarecrow Contest Registration

Scarecrow Contest Registration

Use this form to register to participate in Main Street Hartsville's Downtown Scarecrow Contest. Registration is free.

Are you a Downtown Hartsville Business? Please note that all scarecrows belonging to a Downtown Hartsville business must be placed in front of business storefront.

Scarecrow Starter Kit

Need a little help getting started? Main Street Hartsville offers a scarecrow starter kit for $20 which includes a t-frame made of wood and a pole to fit into the flagpole holes along the sidewalks. Do you need a scarecrow starter kit?
I have read and agree to the rules and regulations of the 2023 Scarecrow Decorating Contest