The Nook at Timms Attic

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June Main Street Story

Meet Marc and Pat Timms, Hartsville natives with a love of all things second hand. The couple are the owners of The Nook at Timms Attic; formally Timms Attic. They’ve been a staple in Downtown Hartsville for over 17 years. “We opened in 2006,” says Pat. “I was driving through town on my way to church on a Sunday when I saw the vacant building. The next day I found out who owned the building, made the connection, and the rest is history.”

Pat shared that before opening Timms Attic, she and Marc had never owned a business, so the idea of starting a new journey was a mix of emotions. “I was a secretary for 20 years and Marc worked at Dixie Cup for 40 years. I even kept my secretarial job for the first five years after we opened,” says Pat. “But I’ve always been thrifty, and I’ve always liked second-hand items. That’s what I know. Growing up that was my only choice; my way of life.” Pat said she and Marc have an appreciation of “previously loved” items. They’ve carved out their own piece of downtown Hartsville to call their own and share this love of merchandise with others.

“We have a mixed array of everything from household items and furniture to home décor, some clothing, and collectibles,” says Pat. She takes pride in her merchandise and considers most of what they sell “upscale.” Marc adds that among their base of customers are those who are just starting out with new homes, as well as decorators who are redecorating for established homeowners. It’s worth a walk through the store to peruse their large collection of consigned items. “I have a great relationship my with consigners,” says Pat. “We still have people bringing in new items, but I’m almost out of room.” That’s partly because Timms Attic has gone through a transition from a larger, open area to a smaller, more intimate space just next door to their original home.

With the expansion of a new enterprise moving downtown, Pat and Marc have found a way to make this new location their own. “Overwhelming” was the word Pat used to describe her initial thoughts about moving into what was The Nook, now The Nook at Timms Attic. “There were a lot of mixed feelings and transitions,” adds Marc. Luckily, the used book game was nothing new to the Timms, who already had a thriving book business at Timms Attic. “I’ve always loved reading and I’ve always loved previously loved items, so this was a natural marriage of my two loves,” says Pat. As her face lights up, Pat explains her vision for The Nook at Timms Attic: “I want this to be a gathering space. I want people to come in with their coffee and tea, pick out a book, relax, and just enjoy themselves.” The couple would also love to see the space used for hosting book clubs and book signings by local authors, among other plans. “I also have an interest in antiquarian books, those that are rare or considered antiques. I’d love to explore that more and see if we can offer those.” While they don’t call themselves an antique store, Pat and Marc do suggest those looking for vintage items to give their shop a try.

The transition is still ongoing while Pat and Marc continue to unpack and set up, work on new social media and marketing, and continue to serve their loyal customers. “Our customers are great,” says Marc. “We’ve made lifelong friends here. We also have great neighbors downtown. A lot of our fellow business owners come in and shop with us, and that really means a lot.” When asked what they love about being downtown, they list the foot traffic, walkability, and “small-town feeling” of Hartsville. “It’s smaller, there’s less traffic, lots to offer, and it’s a good town,” says Marc. “This is home,” adds Pat. The Timms have embraced this new journey and look forward to serving the downtown community for many years to come.

The Nook at Timms Attic is located at 130 W. Carolina Avenue and is open Tuesday-Friday from 10:00am-5:00pm and Saturday from 10:00am-3:00pm.

Business Name: The Nook at Timms Attic   

Owner Name: Marc and Pat Timms

Business Address: 130 W. Carolina Avenue