Facade Grant Program Application

Complete and submit this form and send your supporting documents to the below address to apply for a facade grant. You also must present your plans to the Architectural Review board for approval before any painting, construction, or installation work begins.

Main Street Hartsville
PO Drawer 2497
Hartsville SC 29551

Information about the Architectural Review Board (ARB)

Contact Main Street Hartsville if you have any questions:

843.383.3015 ext. 1003

Requirements Checklist

1. A completed IRS Form W9 should be included with this application. If needed, a blank W9 can be found at IRS.gov.
2. Applying businesses must have a current City of Hartsville Business License.

Applicant Information:

Address of proposed installation
Check "Yes" to confirm that you have a current City of Hartsville Business License.

In addition, the Architectural Review Board (ARB) must approve any signage in the downtown business district. Sign and Awning Permit Applications may be obtained from the Planning Department in the Navigator at 100 E Carolina Ave and must be submitted at least one week prior to the monthly ARB meeting. Meetings to review signage applications are the third Wednesday of each month at 5:15 PM in the Council Chambers at City Hall.

Maximum upload size: 134.22MB
Please attach your completed Form W9 here. Download blank W9.

Sign Company Information:

Paint Contact Information:

Sign/Paint Costs

After submitting this form, please mail the following items to Main Street Hartsville:

  1. Written permission from the building owner (if applicable)
  2. Sign design, drawn to scale, including dimensions and colors (if applicable)
  3. Paint sample (if applicable)

Main Street Hartsville
PO Drawer 2497
Hartsville SC 29551

Acknowledgement and Certification

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