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Hartsville Farmers Market Vendor Application

Thank you for your interest in being a part of the Hartsville Farmers Market! Fill out our application below and you will be on your way to an easy, friendly, and fruitful market experience!

Accepted Products Include:

  • Fruit & Vegetables grown by the seller from seeds, seedlings, or sets

  • Potted plants or  live plant starts grown by the seller

  • Eggs produced by the seller’s poultry

  • Honey produced by the seller’s bees

  • Fresh baked goods and prepared food items must be made from scratch by the seller

  • Fresh cut flowers grown on the seller’s farm

  • Meat products must be produced from animals raised on the seller’s farm

  • Dairy products, including milk, cheese, and yogurt must be produced from animals raised on the seller’s farm

  • Fish products must be humanely caught or raised

  • Pet food and treats made from scratch by the seller using regionally sourced, sustainable ingredients

  • Prepared and packaged foods using ingredients sourced from local, SC farms

  • Bath and Body products that incorporate regional and sustainable ingredients

  • Natural cleaners that incorporate sustainable ingredients

  • Handmade artisan products using natural materials (i.e. wood, fiber art, print, soy wax)

  • Handmade, high quality craft products that include minimal to no pre-manufactured components

Products NOT Accepted Include:

  • Commercially-produced/Franchise items
  • Organizations with political affiliations

Non-profits are encouraged at the farmers market as a way to engage with the community. Our Downtown Main Street Merchants are encouraged to participate in the market or to have sidewalk sales at their businesses during the market.

The vendor fee is $25 for artists and retail applicants, $10 for non-profits, and free for farmers. Vendors with a current City of Hartsville business license can attend at no cost.

We also have the option of an annual vendor fee: $175 for artists and retail applicants or $75 for non-profits. This is a fee that will be invoiced prior to the first market of the season and is valid for all Main Street Hartsville Farmers Markets of that calendar year.

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Please note, there is a cost savings for annual subscriptions. Retail and artisans may pay $175 for the entire year and non-profits may pay $75 for the entire year. There are 9 markets each year.
In just a few words, what do you provide?
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By indicating "Yes" above, I am stating that I have read and agreed to the DHEC Regulations and Hartsville Farmer's Market terms and conditions as stated below.

Clicking “Submit” will send your application form to Main Street Hartsville for review. If approved, we will send you a PayPal™ invoice to the email address given above.

DHEC Regulations

Download and read the document at this link for DHEC rules regarding farmers markets.

Farmers Market Terms and Conditions

Market fees are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. If you miss a market for which you’ve already paid, you will not be refunded. If you must miss a market for which you’ve signed up, please contact us via at info@mainstreethartsville.org ASAP.

I have read, understand, and agree to comply with the Hartsville Farmers Market Rules & Regulations. I further confirm that I, my representatives, employees and agents, agree to protect and hold Main Street Hartsville and the Hartsville Farmers Market harmless from any responsibility, personal liability, claims, losses or damages arising out of, or in conjunction with, my participation in the Market. As a vendor/participant in the Hartsville Farmers Market, I assume full responsibility for any booth and/or space utilized by me, my employees and my agents; and I accept full responsibility for the quality and condition of any products offered and sold by me, my employees and my agents.

Main Street Hartsville will provide publicity for the Hartsville Farmers Market. As such, the Market staff reserves the right to take photos of vendors and vendors’ products for promotion of the event. Promotion includes, but is not limited to: advertisements, press releases, promotional and publicity publications and websites.

By submitting your application, you accept market rules, kept and updated on mainstreethartsville.org and implicitly hold the Hartsville Farmers Market, its staff, and the City of Hartsville harmless from any legal actions against these entities. Vendors participate at the sole discretion of Hartsville Farmers Market.

Main Street Hartsville is supported by the City of Hartsville. For questions about deductions, please consult your tax advisor.