Hartsville Celebrates Birthday of New GSSM Student

Casey News

There’s always a party in your Downtown!

Surprise! Hartsville’s Mayor, Mel Pennington, stopped by the Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics this week to celebrate the 16th birthday of one of Hartsville’s newest residents with balloons and cupcakes!

GSSM has long been an integral part of the Downtown Hartsville community. We alway look forward to the return of Governor’s School students to our downtown, where they bring so much vibrancy to the fun atmosphere we share.


I am the mom of the girl that was on the receiving end of this. I am amazed that the Mayor’s office was so willing to help with my request to help make my daughter’s first birthday so far away from home a happy one. Bless you for your kindness! [Facebook] Tami Charlton Van Vleet