Father’s Day 2019 Gift Guide

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Before we head into the deals and perfect gifts for your father this weekend, with our curated Father’s Day Gift Guide, let us spend some time in the heart of Hartsville. One of the things that makes downtown Hartsville so unique is that so many of the businesses are owned and operated by local families, so to kick off the Father’s Day celebrations we asked Trevor McDonald, local owner of De’Vane’s Fashions and father of girls, questions about being a father and Father’s Day.

What is your favorite memory with your Father?

My most favorite memory is my dad’s hard work ethic and respect for others. My father was a visionary for which he was a hard worker and helped others.

What is the best part about being a father?

I love the ability to teach. I have 3 girls and a great nephew that I’m helping to raise of which I embrace the true responsibility of loving them with a father’s love, while demonstrating true love to my loving wife Marilyn, so my children will know and see how the union of man and woman should be.

And the best present you ever received?

My best present I’ve received on Father’s is every year that God has blessed me to spend time with my girls. I’m selfish and love quality time with my family. Quality time is better than anything money can buy, but I’ll take that too. Whoohoo!

Thank you to Trevor McDonald, owner of De’Vane’s Fashions.

Seersuckergyspy owner, Roxie Gardner, has a special Father’s Day coming up this weekend with it being her daughter’s first birthday and Father’s Day all wrapped into one, so we asked a couple of questions related to the subject.

What is your favorite memory with your father?

Favorite memory with my dad is how dedicated he is to making me laugh! My dad is the ultimate comedian. We were beach buddies because he would take the summer off to spend time with me.

And what is the Father’s Day plan for your family?

This Father’s Day is Nova’s 1st birthday! We are baby shark partying by the pool. Adam and Nova will be showered with gifts!

Thank you Roxie Gardner owner of Seersuckergyspy.

Whether the one you call yours this Father’s Day is biological, adopted or chosen, the memories and the moments are precious, and you want to make sure you celebrate him and all his funny antics accordingly, so why not shower him with the perfect gift or meal downtown? Here is the Father’s Day Gift Guide highlighting everything from tnew kicks to the perfect crown for your castle’s king, and everything in between:

Is your dad someone that never buys clothes for himself, hates shopping, or has worn out that pair of shoes, socks, button down to the point where you want to throw it out? Or maybe the opposite, he loves shopping and getting a new shirt or polo for work? Well, pick him up something or take him on a shopping spree this weekend at any of your favorite downtown destinations below, and he won’t be disappointed.

Shop for Homegrown cotton polos and other unique gifts by stopping in Seersuckergyspy. Or step up his wardrobe with a new suit, or perfect fit button down, and head to De’Vane’s!

Does your dad need a new fishing hat, or any other hat to protect his noggin this season? Head to Hartsville Army-Navy for a vast selection. Or if he needs new sandals or shoes, COAST On Carolina has 25% off Reef now through Father’s Day!

Still not sure what to get? Head to De Baz for a unique gift, like wooden bottle openers or a fun coffee mug, where every purchase truly makes a global difference.

Hungry for more ideas? Head to Sam Kendall’s or Bizzell’s Food & Spirits Saturday for an early celebration or pick up a gift card to keep the festivities going. Or indulge his sweet tooth with Father’s Day-themed cookies from Griggs Circle Bakery!

Head downtown this weekend and you are sure to find the perfect gift for your perfect Dad!

Written by and graphics created by Rebecca Giese.

A college of gift ideas for Father's Day.
A collage of local Father’s Day gift ideas you can find in Downtown Hartsville.