Downtown Gifts with Daditude

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There’s something unmistakable about a dad. Whether the one you call yours on Father’s Day is biological, adopted, or chosen, you likely know exactly what his favorite thing to do is or when his worst joke will come out. But for all the movie quotes you both know by heart, all the awkward family photos you’ve been in together, and all the embarrassing stories he tells at dinner parties…chances are you have no idea what to get him for Father’s Day. Like the rest of us.

Don’t worry, that’s where this Father’s Day Gift Guide comes in. Tell us where we could find your Dad on any given Saturday and we’ll tell you what Downtown Hartsville has to offer him.

If your Father is the wise head of the table that, on any given Saturday, can be found telling you what to read and “just finishing this spreadsheet” at the same time…

Indulge his sense of good-natured pride—stop by the masters of Chic Menswear, DeVane’s, to buy him special cuff links, an elegant tie, or (if you’re really in need of some brownie points), a blue suit for the meetings he needs to make a statement for.

  • Cufflinks at DeVane's
  • Trevor of Devane's Fashion
  • Jackets at DeVane's

He’s perhaps a coffee snob (no cream or sugar, you know the type), so peek into De Baz for a selection of fair-trade, pristine coffees from the finest coffee lands in the world.

  • Cashua Coffee


Then stop by Burry Bookstore, where the team there can help you find a book that Dad will grab his glasses to peruse approvingly on his next business trip—whether it be a historical fiction, a book on South Carolina’s agriculture, or the latest David Baldacci murder mystery.


If your Papa can be found strumming his guitar on the porch on a peaceful Saturday, humming…

One of the neatest gifts you can get him on the East coast is a hand-carved, hand-assembled guitar from Frets & Necks. The craftsmen there create these exquisite pieces by hand from piano wood and other sturdy, story-telling materials. They’re also doing a 15% promotion on all of their offerings—unique instruments, repairs on Dad’s own guitar, and lessons so you two can bond well past Father’s Day (just mention this blog post!).


After your sweet summer jam session on the porch, treat dad to a bourbon tasting at Retrofit, where he’ll fit right into the hipster vibe with a classy selection of fine bourbons and whiskies. And, depending on how hipster Dad thinks he is, grab him a pair of the most comfortable, en vogue sandals from the Hartsville Army-Navy store—but please, no socks.


If your Dad’s idea of a well-spent Saturday is outdoors, dirt under his nails, mulching…

No better place to start than at Gardner’s General Store, where the potted herbs and plants are sure to get his green thumb itching. They’ve got everything indoors to complete his gardening kit too, down to replenishment for the bird feeder, with some vestiges of gardening in the good ol’ days hanging from the ceiling.


Of course, he’ll need a hat if he’s outside all day (and what Dad doesn’t wear a hat?), so stop by the Hartsville Army-Navy store to choose from a selection of well-made toppers.

If he’s outdoorsy, chances are he has a beard (are we generalizing?), so check out Seersuckergypsy’s selection of locally made beard oils and accessories. And if he’d rather have someone else care for his manly scruff, you’re in luck: Hartsville’s most stylish barber, Brian at The Grooming Lounge, offers gift cards for its state of the art grooming services and, most recently, has expanded its services to offer facials…uh, excuse me, to offer longer grooming sessions that no one questions.


  • Items at Seersucker Gypsy


If your Pop is in football hibernation and can’t wait until his favorite Saturday rituals come back so he can sling himself into his favorite chair, cold beer in hand…

Make his Father’s Day tailgate-themed, so he makes it through the rough summer months before the blessed f-word is all he can say again. First, stop by Vintage and take-out a hand-selected six-pack of his favorites (mention this blog post for 20% off carry-out!). Next, head to Bizzell’s and put in an order with their delicious caterers, who will spoil him with southern classics.

If he doesn’t have one yet, grab a Ben-No-Mo from Seersuckergypsy so his cooler can stay off the muddy ground and closer to his hand.

Finally, give your dad an IOU for a Friday night at the sports bar so he can slowly emerge from his sports hibernation—luckily, we’ve got a great one in town at the LighterSide.


If your sweet Daddy is a classic Southern romantic, who still tears up at old love songs and gives the best bear hugs…

Give him a homegrown Father’s day, filled with the traditional kind of surprises. First, treat him to a brunch buffet on Mezzo Forte’s new outdoor patio—you’ll hit the southern classics and enjoy the music.

  • Sandwich at MezzoForte
  • Food at Mezzoforte


If he has served for his country, wrap him up some memorabilia from the Hartsville Army-Navy store, like a US Navy ball cap or a service award pin—it’s a small gift but a touching gesture that will make a big impact.

  • Pins and magnets at Hartsville Army-Navy
  • Items at Hartsville Army Navy


Stop by Gardner’s General Store to grab a fresh pound of butter and eggs, and when you get home, pull out his favorite dessert recipe. To keep the sweet surprise, whisk him and the family away to Sam Kendall’s for a delicious steak dinner before bringing him home to a house that smells of comfort.

No matter the Dad you are celebrating this June 18th, we’ve got so many ways for you to make him feel loved and appreciated. Our small town’s got a lot—and we will help your gift match his goofy, sappy, or just plain awkward Daditude.