Corey Hicks, Alleyway Printing

Lauren Baker Downtown Stories

“With a heart for creativity and the desire to give people a place to come in, tell their story, and have that story captured visually, Daniel and Holly Watkins decided to bring Alleyway Printing to Hartsville in 2016. Visual storytelling can be powerful for a business. Our staff loves to see these visions come to life and for the people that we work with to be able to go out and do successful things in their business because of the materials we were able to provide them with.

We saw a lot of people in this area just putting stuff out there without really knowing what their story was and how to portray their message and brand. Because of Alleyway Printing, we have been able to help them tell the true story of their brand. If you can help people communicate who they are, well, their story changes and it just gets better. You aren’t just creating a graphic or a sign, you are helping to create stepping stones to the future that they want to make.

This time last year, we weren’t really sure what would happen with our business because of the pandemic. Events that we typically print for were cancelled and businesses weren’t spending as much money on marketing. We knew at that point that we had to innovate or die, so innovate we did. We came up with the idea of a consultation service. We wanted to do anything to help Hartsville because Hartsville has helped us. Thankfully, shopping local is really a big deal to people here. Our customers saved us and hopefully we helped save them.

The heart behind Alleyway Printing is just like construction. It’s like helping people build who they want to be, but didn’t know what their potential could be. Daniel and Holly started this business and eventually brought me on in 2018 and taught me the passion that makes Alleyway what it is.”

-Corey Hicks, Alleyway Printing