Carolina Lunch 155

Matt Winburn Downtown Stories

Carolina Lunch, now known as Carolina Lunch 155, has long being a staple in Downtown Hartsville. Located at 155 W. Carolina Avenue, owners Regina and Scott Ard carry on the tradition of “the Best Breakfast in Town,” offering a selection of handmade breakfast foods. Both locals and visitors alike are often seen packed into the booths on any given morning, enjoying coffee, having breakfast, and catching up on the local news around town.

Regina and Scott aren’t the original owners of the establishment. In fact, there have been several families who have owned the business before the Ards took over from Regina’s father, Ronald Morris, two years ago. When asked why they wanted to take over the business, Scott laughingly replied, “because we wanted a challenge.” Both he and his wife recognize what Carolina Lunch 155 means to the downtown community and what the downtown community means to them. “It’s the people that I love most about this job,” says Regina. “We have such a diverse group of people who eat with us, and I love catching up with them. We have a lot of first responders who come in and we even have Coker students who get up and come for breakfast before training. We offer a 10% discount to Coker students, and we appreciate their support.” The Ards also appreciate the “small town feel” of Downtown Hartsville and how walkable it is.

While the restaurant may open at 5:30am, Regina’s day starts long before then. She’s in the kitchen by 3:45am every morning prepping for the day ahead. This includes baking fresh biscuits, patting out sausage patties, frying up bacon, and making gravy from scratch. Once the doors open, she starts cooking custom orders for her customers, all while helping to support her waitstaff of five. Scott, who works full-time at Neptune Island Water Park, comes in when he can to lend a helping hand. “Basically, I do whatever she tells me to do,” says Scott. And he’s more than happy to help wherever he’s needed. Carolina Lunch 155 usually closes around 11am, and, after an hour of cleaning and prepping for the next day, Scott and Regina’s days are far from over.

“We homeschool two of our kids and our oldest goes to Mayo,” says Regina. When they’re not busy with the business, they’re usually busy being a family, raising their kids, and participating in extracurricular activities. When asked about the future of Carolina Lunch 155, Regina says they have some ideas in store. “One idea is that we’re looking at expanding our coffee service with an expanded coffee bar and new expresso machine. We want to have more to offer, especially to our younger customers who like different types of coffee. We’re also looking at expanding our hours by offering lunch. We would be offering excellent hamburgers and hotdogs, a meat and three sides options, and a limited breakfast menu at lunch.” Regina says they’re also toying with the idea of being open for brunch on Sundays.

Whatever the future may hold, it’s clear that the Ards care about their customers. The showpiece of the restaurant is a counter and stool combination original to the building with a picture collage of familiar faces. These are their customers, and these are the reasons why Carolina Lunch 155 strives to offer their best. “We hear quite often someone say, ‘I didn’t know you were here.’” The Ards plan to change that and make sure those unfamiliar with the restaurant become regulars. “We plan to continue to be a staple in Downtown Hartsville for many years to come.” Carolina Lunch 155 is open Monday-Thursday from 5:30am-11:00am and Friday-Saturday from 5:30am-12:00pm.

Business Name: Carolina Lunch 155
Business Owner: Regina and Scott Ard
Business Address: 155 W. Carolina Ave.