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Business Partners

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Southern Sercie

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104 East College Ave, USA 29550

Hey y'all, I'm Abbey Baker, owner of Southern Sercie. I am a working, full-time wife, and mother to four amazing blessings. I have always had a passion for appliqués and embroidery. In my spare time, I began monogramming and making custom shirts for my children, as well as friends and family. This past April my Mom and I went to Atlanta for a fun girls' weekend to an Everything Appliqué Conference. Little did I know what God had planned for me; my hobby turned into a business and that's when Southern Sercie was born!

For those of you who may not know "Sercie" means gift. I love to give gifts and I can't explain the excitement I get when I can surprise someone with that special personalized sercie!

Here in the South, we love to personalize everything for ourselves and for others! There's nothing like that left chest monogram or those personalized sandals. Southern Sercie's vision is to help you create meaningful gifts for everyone through customization. So grab yourself a Southern Sercie!

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Phone: 843.861.4214

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